There are many changes you can make around your home to promote conservation of our precious resources, reduce waste while being kind to your wallet as well. Explore our list of budget and environmentally friendly swaps and hacks that will help the planet and save you some green! 

Green Ideas for Your home

Around the house

If you look around your home with a discerning eye you may spot many places where you can be just a little more "greener". In the living room, family room and bedrooms where changes you make can truly reduce, reuse and recycle. Click the house icon to learn more.

How about the Yard?

Many consider their backyard as a personal sanctuary for relaxation and entertainment. Take a look at these moneysaving tips that can help you surround yourself with happy plants too. Click on the leaf icon to learn more.

The Bath

There are many things we do everyday without giving them much thought. These simple changes can help the planet while saving some green too. Click on the bath icon to learn more.

The Kitchen

Reports are the average American wastes almost a pound of food per day. This is not always an intentional thing; might be that furry little surprise in the back of the refrigerator. Learn how a few simple hacks can help reduce waste and save some cheddar too. Click on the icon to learn more.

The Better Choice? Take the quiz

Do you consider yourself an environmental warrior? Are you ready to test your Green IQ? See if you can guess which of these five scenarios is the eco-friendly choice; some of them may not be as green as you think. Click on the ? icon and see.

Saving on utilities

Who wouldn't want to spend less on their utility bills? We have several ways to tweak your daily habits you may not have thought of to help you use less energy while saving money too. Click on the icon to learn more.