The Greener Choice

Paper or plastic? Hand wash or power up the dishwasher? What do you think makes the most “green” sense? Take the quiz below – click on the arrow for the answers.

Want more info on living a sustainable, off grid lifestyle and decreasing your household waste? ¬†Check out – “Zero Home Waste” by Bea Johnson and “The Modern Homestead” by Sara Manchester

What's Your Green IQ?

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“Paper bags are usually made from recycled materials and tend to be easier to recycle than plastic ones, but the best option is to bring your own bag”, says Bea Johnson author or Zero Waste Home.

You would think that saving electricity was the right idea, but a dishwasher can use less than four gallons of water each time you run it.

Forget the fake one. “Farmers who grow Christmas trees plant new ones to replace them,” says Kimberly Button of Get Green, Be “Artificial trees are made from plastic.”

Sorry, tending to your dinner over a smoky charcoal fire creates almost three times the carbon dioxide as using natural gas.

As long as you are not driving by yourself, car travel is generally more eco-friendly that getting on an airplane. The bottom line is – how long are you really willing to sit in a car to get to your final destination?