In The Kitchen

Check out these great ideas for cutting down on food waste, make the waste you have work for you by composting and how to use less water by incorporating new technology in the kitchen.

Making Your Kitchen Greener

Invest In Cast Iron

Grandmas know best. There was a time when the cast iron pan was the workhorse of the kitchen. With the introduction of non-stick cookware it took a while to find out the coating that makes it non-stick was bad our bodies and the environment. Cast Iron is chemical free.

Switch to a Touchless Faucet

Touchless faucets may cost more initially than the typical faucet initially then more basic styles but can pay for itself with the money saved on wasted water. The convenience of turning the water off with a gesture, makes it likely the water will not be left running while washing dishes.

Cut Back on the Paper Towels

Dish towels and cloth scraps are great to mop up kitchen messes and clean counters and make the savings add up. Paper towels will always have their place so when buying them, get the highest quality you can find and you will use less.

Learn About Composting

Composting not only recycles kitchen and yard waste it also reduces your curbside waste destined for the landfill. For the home gardener, compost is excellent for enriching  soil,  reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. 

The Beauty of Glass Canisters

Chances are you will never run out of necessary pantry staples if you make the change to clear, glass canisters. Not only is your inventory visible at a glance, it reduces the use of plastic that many canisters are made from.

Try an "Eat Me Now" Section of Your Refrigerator

Here’s a simple idea for cutting down on the amount of food that ends up being thrown away. Try designating a section of the refrigerator of even a special container for foods nearing the end of their life expectancy, foods are more likely to be consumed before they go bad.