What We Do

our mission

Preserve our precious oceans

Life on our beautiful planet began in the oceans that cover two thirds of this planet. Our goals include supporting ocean cleaning technologies and encouraging brilliant human habits to reduce plastics and trash in our waterways.

end carbon fraud

Driven by greed and preying on the fear and uncertainty of the uneducated, there are many old and emerging scams involving carbon offsets. Currently there are no standardized way to trade these "offsets" no way to verify exactly what is the offsetting activity behind them. Widespread and insidious "Greenwashing" and other scams divert needed funds from worthy causes and need to be exposed. Click the icon to learn more.

stop deforestation

The urgency to preserve this irreplaceable resource increases as more more acres of our forests are destroyed. It is our mission to create awareness and educate humanity how we can maintain the health of the world's forests.

promote conservation

Conservation is imperative for the earth's natural resources including our air, oceans and waterways, animals and minerals. Protecting these resources will ensure we can all benefit from them now and in the future. Click on the icon to learn ways to make a difference in your everyday life to help conserve our valuable resources. Click on the icon to learn more.

cooperation is key

Dangers of Deforestation

“We don’t just have a carbon problem, we have a human problem. Today, seventy-five percent of the world’s forests are gone due to deforestation. Plants provide oxygen, shelter, food and medicine, and impact the health and stability other ecosystems, water resources, wildlife and people.” – Rob Stewart, Director of the film Revolution.