In The Yard

Check out these tips to help you have one of the nicest yards on the block. You’ll find a better way to mow your lawn, the best way to water garden plants and how to manage pests naturally.

Your Backyard Sanctuary

Mow the Old Fashioned Way

Incredibly, it takes about 1.2 billion gallons of gas each year to keep American lawns nicely manicured. If you have a smaller lawn, consider a push mower. You will save fuel and get some exercise as well

Adjust the Height of Your Power Mower

Leaving your grass just a little bit longer can help it grow stronger and save water too. Just a 1/2 longer helps to shade and strengthen the root system which also helps with evaporation of moisture as well.

Opt For Native Plants

An experienced gardener can probably grow any plant anywhere with a lot of extra work. Choosing native plants that have already adapted to your climate will take less water and time to keep them looking beautiful.

Defeat Pests the Natural Way

When choosing plants for the garden consider placing certain species next to each other to keep pests away. Did you know marigolds are very good for a vegetable garden since their scent will repel insects?

Go Solar

Lighting can make your backyard as beautiful in the dark as it is in the daytime. There are lots of solar-powered spotlights, deck lights, and path lights available in so many styles and sizes, it’s easy to find ones that suit your personal style. No wires or cords needed!

Try A Rain Barrell

The type of water plants love most is the one that falls from the sky. If you can, try to collect as much of this precious “nectar” as possible. Not only will you save money your plants will love you for it.