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The Real Reason for Climate Change

“The warming from the Sun is cyclical, it’s NOT constant.” – Robin Menotti

Hello again, Ken Baxter here coming to you from sunny Las Vegas, Nevada and welcome to Green Global.  When someone has the courage to speak obvious truths about what is really going on with our climate, it needs to be shared far and wide. I came across  a common sense post on X by filmmaker, architect and critical thinker, Robin Menotti, that really needs to be heard.

"The warming from the Sun is cyclical, it's NOT constant."

Monotti details in his post the constant and repetitive changes to our sun caused by the combined mass of the planets that in turn moves the position of the Sun through their combined gravitational pull. Basically, the Sun is moving around, wobbling in spiral like motion as it travels, it is not stationary. The sun’s changing distance from the earth is linked  to short to medium climate changes, also known as the WEATHER.

You will also see that none of this has anything to do with human beings or CO2, something we hear at Green Global have been saying for a while. Monotti effectively explains how our view of the solar system was likely shaped by a grossly over simplified version of the planets’ & sun’s orbits, omitting the part about  how they normally wobble and tilt on a regular basis.

He also makes the case that “Life adapts much more easily to higher temperatures and increases in CO2, particularly plants, vegetation, trees, plankton& phytoplankton, than it does to decreases in CO2. The real danger is a decrease of CO2, and a decrease in temperature, not an increase in either.” Click here to read our most recent post, CARBON DIOXIDE, The Gas Of Life to learn more.

Please take a few minutes to read the entire post below, it is informative and shines a bright light on the deception being routinely fed to the people of world to justify climate policies that make no sense.

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